Film Production

Film Production

“In my opinion Video is by far the most powerful marketing tool available -without exception”

Films can take many forms. Anything from Feature Films to short Product Demo Videos and everything in between. But most importantly, video can make you feel something.

The more people are made to ‘feel’ something, the more they will engage with your brand and your mission. Think back to a time you were watching one of your favourite movies, maybe it was a month ago or maybe it was 20 years ago.. However long ago it was you may not remember all the lines from the movie, but I’m willing to bet you remember how it made you feel. It doesn’t stop there, you probably also remember things like; where you watched the movie, who you were with, possibly what snacks you ate and maybe, just maybe even what the room smelled like.. This is the power of ‘feeling something’ and the magic of video content.



“Experience Blue C Coolangatta”

Client: Blue C

Categories: Real Estate, Travel, Business Showcase, Short Film

We produced this film for the amazing Blue C apartments and resort in Coolangatta, Gold Coast Australia. They wanted a video which showcases their resort as well as the amenities, activities and convenience of the Coolangatta township. The film is to be used for online promotion of their resort and as a lead magnet for booking websites like tripadvisor.

We love the resort, the town of Coolangatta and think the film turned out great.

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Casella Wines (Internal Corporate)


“Ridiculous Obstacle Course”

Client: Ridiculous Playground

The Ridiculous Obstacle Course is a new event from the creators of Ridiculous Playground and The Color Run
Aimed at fun, getting outdoors and enjoying some exercise and challenges with friends, the Ridiculous Obstacle Course is great fun! Participants take on huge inflatable challenges which include massive slides, foam, jumps, sticky walls, dunk tanks and even a bungee run!
We put together a promo video for Ridiculous Playground to use to promote future events
You can check out more here:


“One week of Sun and Surf”

Client: SurfLife Atlantic Riders

This a short film we produced for SurfLife Atlantic Riders surf camp located in the stunning Algarve region of Portugal. They offer Surfing, Kite Surfing, day trips and much more. Their surf camp has all the facilities and home comforts, with amazing food, fun and a bar in a relaxed atmosphere.
For more on SurfLife Atlantic Riders visit:


“The Play Project – Ad”

Client: Kait Cummins – The Play Project

This is the Ad for ‘The Play Project’. The Play Project is a 12-Part educational film series we produced for Kait. Kait is a professional occupational therapist who works with children to help with learning and developmental issues. Through her course, she is educating and empowering parents and teachers to help their kids overcome the obstacles and live happy, healthy lives.
You can check her out at:


“Hooked On The Look”

Client: Barcroft TV- Documentary

AN ACTRESS is risking her life for ‘eternal youth’ by injecting herself with doses of a 3.5 million year-old bacteria discovered in Siberia.
This is a short documentary film which we directed and shot for Barcroft TV in Germany.
You can check out Barcroft TV here:


“Fall in love with where you live”

Client: The Rise Littlehampton

A short advertising film for The Rise – Littlehampton. The Rise is a premium land division in the beautiful Adelaide Hills region of South Australia. This film is for potential buyers to get a feel for the area and what sort of lifestyle to expect from their potential new home.
You can find out more


“Product Showcase”

Client: Gemma Vendetta Cosmetics

PRODUCT SHOWCASES are a popular service we offer. A Product Showcase consists of 6-8 professional photos and a 20-30 stylish video of a product. Video outsells photos, and together they work even better! To learn more about product showcases check out our page here: http://recalmedia,com/product-showcase
You can check out Gemma Vendetta here:


“Recal Aerial Showreel”

Client: Clips from Various Projects

A sample of our work using our quad-copter drone to create stunning cinematic aerial shots in our films. This is just a small batch of clips which have been used in our projects; both creative and for our clients.

Our 2017 Video Services Reel


“What If You Could Have It All?”

Client: The Rise Littlehampton

This was a quick little 30 second video we put together for The Rise for use on social media and a few TV spots.


“Actors Showreel Edit”

Client: Paul Harvey

Paul is a good friend of Recal Media, talented actor and all round cool guy. He asked us to cut together his showreel using footage from previous projects.


“Sunshine Backpackers TV Pilot”

Genre: Comedy/Mockumentary


We produced a high quality 5 minute pilot to be used by Sunshine Backpackers for promotion and submission to networks. The Short has also won multiple awards in film festivals all over the world! Below you can view the 45 second teaser..

“YKYDW – German Man”

Genre: Online, Dating, Social, Viral.

Client: Dating Beyond Borders

Dating Beyond Borders wanted to produce a short for their youtube channel about dating German men. We shot this for them. (Not edited by us).