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Virtual Tradeshow Video Production


Can’t see your customers in person?

Trade-show or event cancelled due to Covid-19?

Your clients are out of the office, or working from home or in a different country/ time-zone?

NO WORRIES! Send them a Virtual Trade-Show Video instead!

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Ok, so what is a ‘Virtual Trade-Show’?

A virtual trade-show is a video of your business and products being presented and demonstrated which can be sent to anyone, anywhere, anytime. It’s basically a polished version of what you might show in a trade-show booth or as a presentation in a meeting. But instead of doing the presentation or demonstration 100’s of times, for 100’s of people you only have to present your products once and can reach 1000’s of people (often for free!)

Perfect every time! Through the magic of editing you can show only your finest demonstration, making sure you always have your best foot forward for any potential clients and business partners.

Use it anywhere! You can also put the video on your company website, social media pages, send in emails and even use it as an advertisement!

Re-use it! A Virtual Trade-Show is what’s known as ‘evergreen content’, ie; it will always be useful and engaging. So why not turn your virtual trade-show into a series of blog posts on your website? Maybe make the contents into a nice sharable PDF you can email? How many social media posts could you create from just one Virtual Trade-Show? 

The possibilities really are endless!

What does a Virtual Trade-Show look like?

Here’s a virtual tradeshow we put together for Littlehampton Brick – A high-end boutique Brick Manufacturer…

Littlehampton Brick had a lot of trade-shows and events planned for different cities around Australia cancelled due to the 2020 Covid-19 restrictions. This was a big shock to their team and industry. They have been working very hard for the last 18 months to create totally unique products which they were planning to launch at these various events.

Instead of delaying their marketing efforts until they could see their customers in person, Littlehampton has decided to see the situation as an opportunity and reaching their customers directly through video with stunning results!

“The results have so good that it’s even a bit overwhelming at times to be honest!” “We get so many requests for samples from people all over Australia and some from overseas… it’s hard to keep up!”

-Renato Novi, Operations Manager at Littlehampton Bricks and Pavers

More benefits:

  • No expensive Trade-Show costs –  like space,  booth costs, staffing etc.
  • It can’t be cancelled!  – Your Virtual Trade-Show will be available for your customers to see anytime, anywhere no matter what is happening in the world!
  • Re-usable, forever – You can send your virtual trade-show many times to many different target audiences and don’t have to rely on being at the right place at the right time… You can be all the places all the time!
  • Be ahead of the competition – While your competitors wonder how they’re going to continue showing their products to customers hoping for an opportunity to see them in person, you’re already taking orders!
  • It’s risk-free – Video content is always a good investment. Google loves it. Customers love it. Social media loves it. Video can be used in so many different ways it’s a no-brainer! Plus compared to other avenues, it’s cheap!

Ok, what’s a Virtual Trade-show going to cost?

Probably less than you might think! Gone are the days of $100,000+ TV ads.

We make a high quality product, shot on cinema-grade equipment, delivered for a fair and attainable price…

Virtual Trade-Show Video Package $5499

The whole package, finished and ready to go!

Pre-Production Meeting
Script Writing (if required)
1 Full Day Shoot (Includes: Main Interview/Presentation, Cinematic B-Roll, professional audio, lighting, 1 -2 locations)
Editing (up to7 minute final edit, titles, music, audio fixing, logo intros/outros, 1 round of revisions)
Content Delivery in any size/format required
|| Delivered within 14 Days||
Optional extras:
+PRESENTER – $750/day
+HIGHLIGHTS EDIT – $800 (Recommended)
+PHOTOSHOOT – $700-1400 (POA)
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