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Recal Media Terms and conditions.


(AKA – If you would like to work with us, that’s awesome, but we have a few ground rules so we can all have the best experience!)

**Important – by contracting us to a job, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to our terms set out below**

General Terms:

We’re a group of dedicated fun loving professionals and love doing what we do! We also love our clients, many of whom have worked with us for a long time.

We want to get along great with you and want you to do the same!

We will always treat you with kindness and respect and hope you do the same in return. If you have any questions our team will always be happy to answer them and explain things to you – we love it when you take an interest in the process!


We work on 50-50% payment terms. This means that to book your shoot dates or job we require a 50% part-payment, then the final 50% is required for delivery of the final product. This means we hand over the final edit/footage as soon as the full balance has been paid


For RAW-Footage delivery, or Same-Day Delivery shoots:

A 50% part-payment is required to book the shoot day and full payment is needed at least 48 hours before the shoot day. This way we know on the day we can just hand you all the footage right there and then and no one needs to worry about payments etc.

(most of our clients just pay the full invoice up front rather than bothering with doing 2 separate payments but we don’t mind if you prefer that)


Moving Dates and Cancellations:


First and foremost we will always try to work with you to make sure the project goes ahead. We love doing what we do and love working with you!

Generally we are pretty flexible and we understand that ‘life happens’. Our goal isn’t to charge you money for a product or service you didn’t get, that’s not fun for anyone.

However once we schedule dates for your project this means in many cases that we are saying no to other projects that we could have been working on for clients on those dates.

Cancellations of jobs -and the part-payments made to secure the dates- are non-refundable once booked as that is part of our trading terms. But if it’s for a genuine reason we are normally pretty flexible. We just ask that you provide as much notice as possible so we can book other work on those dates, with a minimum of 72 hours..

Cancellations within 48 hours are difficult to refund as it’s really not easy to book other jobs for those dates and we likely will still be liable for other expenses related to the shoot at this point. Again, if we can help, we will.

Changes of dates:

In this industry changes of dates are inevitable to occur sometimes! As always the more notice you give us, the better! If you can give us at least 72 hours (3 days) for a date reschedule then we are happy to do that, minus any additional expenses we are liable for (if any, normally there aren’t any).


Covid-19 Terms.

We are in full support of human rights and rights of an individual to bodily autonomy, free choice, free speech and personal privacy.


This means that we do not ask any of our team members to take any medical procedures that they don’t want to. Some of our members have had a covid shot, some haven’t. We don’t ask team members their status as they have a right to medical privacy and we have a moral obligation to allow them that.


Masks etc – Some of our members may be ok with wearing a mask if requested, others won’t be and some have medical exemptions from wearing them, so can’t. It is totally up to them if they choose to or not and we will not ask them to if they don’t want to or can’t. If this is not ok with you, you must cancel the shoot at least 72 hours before the shoot date as full payment will be required if after that time.