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PLEASE NOTE: We no longer offer web design as a stand-alone service. This is because we are first and foremost a film and video agency. We can however offer website design as part of a film package or through one of our trusted partners.

Not All Websites are Created Equal!

We believe the internet is great. Great for business, great for consumers and -for the most part- great for humanity. Whether you use the internet just as a consumer or a as a business owner, we think you will agree that the internet has undoubtedly helped you in many ways during your life (even if you only wanted help to watch funny cat videos on youtube!)

As such, we believe…

Your Business Deserves Better!

Better for you, better for your visitors and better for your customers.

But how do we define better?

We like to break down ‘better’ in a number of ways:

The Software Used

The Design

User Friendliness

The Features

Overall Performance

**Please Note: Some features/content will not appear on mobile devices**

Software We Use

wordpress logo

Our websites are all built on the Wordpress framework.

Wordpress is now officially the most used  platform for websites on the entire internet!! Like many others, we love creating websites using wordpress, here’s some of the reason’s why:

-It’s free to use, forever. (You don’t need to pay any monthly fees for it)

-It’s excellent for SEO (Great for ranking high in Google)

-It’s easy to work with (We can create anything and make changes easily)

-Versatility (You can do just about anything with Wordpress! Blogs, stores, portfolios, forums -you name it!)

The Design

Design Matters

When creating a website, it’s critical to make sure you have an idea of the design you want before you get started. Too often websites fail to meet their customers expectations purely due to poor design. You want something striking, something that will stand out but also something your customer feels comfortable with.

Do you know the difference between a Sans and a Serif font? We do!

Do you know the optimal amount of white-space VS Text and images? We know that too!

How about what colour schemes are best for selling a product? Yes, that’s something we know too!

User Friendliness 

If you want your visitors to like you, then they need to like your website!!

How often have you visited a website and thought “Where is that link I clicked the other day!?” or “Oh my god! It is impossible to navigate this website on my phone!”
User friendliness needs to be a main focus. A huge percentage of people will  simply click away from your site if they can’t find what their looking easily. 
We achieve user friendliness in a number of ways; by making sure navigation is clear and easy, fast load times for content (see performance for more on this), making sure as much information as necessary is provided and many other ways you might not even notice unless you’re looking for it!

The goal is to make the visitor happy with their experience whether it’s their first time on your site or the 50th time!


The Bells and Whistles!

Here at Recal Media we have a saying: “We can make anything!”
There are many common features which we believe just about any website should have (and all ours do) which include things like Responsive Design (website adapts to different screen sizes and devices), SEO optimisation, Footer Links etc.
There are also many other features which are totally up to the individual and their goals..
Some of these fancy features might include..

Image Sliders

(many different styles)

  • Suriya LE Pool
    Sunset by the pool
  • Cinnamon Sunset
    Sunset 2
  • Suriya Sunset
    Sunset 3
  • Columbo Sri Lanka from rooftop
    City View

Contact Forms

Feature Animated Icons

Showcase features with animations..

Wow this sure is fancy!

And there are many different styles too!


Video Content

Map Integration

Parallax Scrolling Image Background

Web Design Portfolio

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